We are proud to welcome you to the world of resources that have been created as part of the Erasmus Plus projects. Our platform offers a wide range of free educational materials, available in many languages, always with an English version and additional languages.

The materials provided here cover various topics, among which you will find issues related to:

  • professional activation of youth (preparing young people for their first job)
  • professional activation of seniors with the aim of keeping them in the labor market
  • strengthening the position of women
  • mental and physical health
  • personal and professional developmen

Lesson plans and workshops, educational films, audiobooks, playing cards, articles, are just some of the valuable resources we provide to you.

Our platform has been created with different target groups in mind, including teachers, trainers, HR department staff, youth carers, and also individual persons. You can use the materials both for your own use and within the institution and enterprise you represent.

We do not require registration or any requirements. Simply go to the appropriate section and start using the materials. Additionally, some materials are available for download, so you can use them independently from the platform.

We are glad that you are here with us!